Hack #11: Plastic Bag Dispenser

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Plastic bags. They can be so useful but a pain to store. Who wants to have an overflow of plastic bags spill out from under the kitchen sink every time you open the cupboard doors? I’m not a fan of those cloth plastic bag dispensers that you hang on a door knob; I prefer them tucked away neatly, out of plain sight. So, I’d like to share with you my solution – one which uses just a cardboard box and velcro.

Choose a box that will easily fit in the cupboard. I had an old box that had a hinged opening, but any box will do. It’s best to use a cupboard that doesn’t have a shelf, like underneath the kitchen sink. Using a box cutter, cut a rectangle on one of the sides of the box, near the bottom.

Adhere velcro squares on each corner of the back of the box, hook and loop sides stuck together. Then, peel the backing off of the exposed side and stick the box to the inside of the cupboard. Put plastic bags into the top and dispense from the bottom opening.

Test your new plastic bag dispenser to make sure it clears the cupboard when opening the door.


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