Grout Cleaner

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Grout Cleaner

Shortly after I moved into my new place, I realized that the grout on my kitchen floor was not supposed to be the rustic-looking dark brown that it was (ew), but rather a much lighter and cleaner tan color. After using this homemade grout cleaner, along with a little elbow grease, my kitchen and bathroom tile were sparkling!

This stuff is powerful (and totally amazing). Plus, the ingredients are things you probably already have in your cupboards!


*Do not use this solution on marble, travertine, or limestone tile*


Total Cost: Less than $15

Materials & Ingredients
3-1/2 cups warm water
1-1/4 cup baking soda
2-1/2 tablespoons Ammonia
2 tablespoons white vinegar
Plastic Spray Bottle
Scrub Brush or Toothbrush

Note: This formula is NOT non-toxic but you can make it non-toxic by replacing the ammonia with lemon juice (equal parts). I have not tested the lemon juice formula, so I am unsure of the results. If you’ve tried it, please share with us!

**Wear rubber or latex gloves whenever coming into contact with this solution.**


Step 1: Clean up


I recommend making sure your tile is clear of dirt and debris before starting. Sweep up any crumbs and lightly mop with an all-purpose cleaner or soap and warm water.


Step 2: Mix the solution

Combine the warm water, baking soda, ammonia, and vinegar into the plastic spray bottle. To mix, make sure the spray nozzle is securely on the bottle and gently shake.


Step 3: Apply the grout cleaner


Spray the grout cleaner onto a small section of tile. Wait about 5 minutes (10 minutes if your grout is dirrrrtay).


Step 4: Scrub the heck out of tile


You heard me – scrub! Use a stiff-bristled scrub brush or toothbrush to loosen up the dirt. This is where the elbow grease comes in.


Step 5: Wipe clean


Use a damp rag, cloth, or sponge to wipe up the dirty puddles.

Repeat steps 3-5 on the rest of your grout. You may want to do another complete wipe-down of the entire area once the grout is clean.

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