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I don’t typically display flowers around my home unless I have something unique to put them in. So what’s a girl to do when a regular, plain, old vase just won’t cut it? Well, turn that boring cylinder vase into a simple and modern “vahz”, of course. And do it with minimal effort!

You can find these cylinder vases at Michael’s or AC Moore for about $4. I happened to stumble upon a 40% off glass vases sale at AC Moore last weekend so I grabbed a few to have on hand. Watch out for the really cheap, thin glass vases – they won’t hold the etching cream very well and you won’t get that frostiness. The vases I picked up were Anchor Hocking brand.

The etching cream was a little pricey – $13 for a 3-ounce bottle of Armour Etch. The upside is that a little etching cream goes a long way so you can use the bottle for multiple projects. You can usually find etching cream near the glassware or in the glass crafts section.


The design I chose was pretty easy to put together, but definitely try out different patterns and designs with this, if you want. If you have a vinyl pattern already cut, use it to make it even simpler. Also, experiment with different shapes and sizes of glass. Tumblers work well and make great gifts, or a classic Ball jar might make for a cute outdoor patio vase. Get creative!


Total Cost: Less than $20

Total Time: 45 minutes, including the time it takes for the etching cream to set



Glass Vase
Painter’s Tape or Thin Vinyl Tape
Etching Cream
Exacto Knife
Paint Brush or Popsicle Stick


Step 1: Cut the tape


If you’re using painter’s tape tear off a long piece and stick it to a cutting mat in a straight line. Line up a metal ruler and use the Exacto knife to cut the tape in to thin strips – about 1/8 inch. If you’re using thin vinyl tape, you can skip this step.


Step 2: Lay down the design


Mask the areas you want etched. Anything you want to stay clear should be covered up with tape. The design I created was abstract geometric mountains. There was little rhyme or reason for laying down the tape – I just let my imagination be my guide. I used thicker tape to outline the peaks and the thinner cut pieces for the lines inside. Make sure the tape is securely stuck to the glass.


Step 3: Apply the etching cream


Once you’ve completed your design, it’s time for the etching cream. Stir the cream before using it, then with a paint brush or popsicle stick, slather on a thick coat of etching cream. It’s ok to go over the areas you taped. Be careful to not let the etching cream get on your table top or clothes. Once your etching cream is on, let it set for about 30 minutes.


Step 4: Rinse the heck out of your glass


After 30 minutes, wash off all the etching cream in the sink. Make sure the sink does not have anything else in it – you wouldn’t want your other dishes to get etched as well! Once all the etching cream is off, peel off the tape.

Voila! You now have a freakishly elegant vase!

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