Plant Pockets

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No, these aren’t the latest vegan addition to the microwavable processed meat and cheese pastry family, which you can find in your grocer’s freezer. But they are super cute and colorful wall planters! These little guys are sure to liven … Continued

Infused Water

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It’s [un]officially summer time, folks! And what does that mean? Hydration, hydration, hydration. I’m all about finding different ways to get my water in everyday. Watermelon is a big one, along with these delicious (and pretty) infused waters. Plus, they’re so … Continued

Etched Vase

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I don’t typically display flowers around my home unless I have something unique to put them in. So what’s a girl to do when a regular, plain, old vase just won’t cut it? Well, turn that boring cylinder vase into a simple and … Continued

Hack #28: Eye Makeup Remover

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I don’t know about you, but I prefer waterproof mascara over regular; it lasts longer and can withstand my bad habit of rubbing and touching my eyes. Only problem is, I hate taking it off. Regular face washes caution you … Continued

Whale Tail String Art

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  I’m so excited about this project! My good friend, Kate, introduced me to the idea of string art and I was immediately hooked. It wasn’t all that difficult either. Setting the nails was the most time consuming–we both just … Continued

Grout Cleaner

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Shortly after I moved into my new place, I realized that the grout on my kitchen floor was not supposed to be the rustic-looking dark brown that it was (ew), but rather a much lighter and cleaner tan color. After … Continued

Large Vintage Wall Map

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Map art is a personal favorite. When I was young we had one of those rotating globes and I would spend a great deal of time studying and spinning it, stopping it with one finger and deciding I was going to live where my finger … Continued