DIY Yarn Wreath

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I love these yarn wreaths because they look so simple and delicate, yet they make a big statement. Not only that, but they’re easy to make and you can customize them for holidays and the different seasons. I made mine to match my living room, since that’s the first thing you see when you walk in the door.


Since I had an abundance of charcoal yarn left over from a different project, I used one of the partially used skeins to do this project. The only things I had to buy were the $.33 felt sheets and the foam ring, which was a whopping $12! Luckily, I was able to use a 40% off one item coupon, so the cost of the entire project was under $10. You can find the foam rings in the floral section at most craft stores.


To hang the wreath I used some grey ribbon scraps I had laying around and simply looped it through the wreath and tied a bow at the top. I hung it on a removable Command hook.

These wreaths can also be purchased through the Kept Shoppe.


Total Cost: Under $10 if you already have yarn, about $15 if you don’t

Total Time: About 45 minutes to an hour



14-inch Foam Ring
1-2 Skeins of Yarn
Felt Sheets
Hot Glue Gun




Step 1: Wrap the ring



It doesn’t really get any simpler. Begin by wrapping the yarn around the foam ring once and tie a knot. Then, keep wrapping the yarn around the ring, lining up each string neatly to the next. If you’re opting for a more rustic look, don’t worry about lining up the strings as you wrap.

Depending on the thickness of your yarn, you may need to do 2 layers of yarn wrapping. I had the thick 5 oz. yarn so I only wrapped my yarn once and used less than one skein of yarn for the whole thing. Once you’ve reached the end, tie another knot to secure the yarn.


Step 2: Make the flowers


Cut a square out of one of the felt sheets. The size of the square will depend on the size you want your flower. With a scissors, round the corners of the square so it makes a circular shape. Don’t worry about getting a perfect circle. In fact, I made the edges a little wavy to give the flower some texture. Now cut your circle into a spiral. When you get to the end of the spiral you’ll have a circle piece in the middle. Keep that intact.

Yarn-Wreath-Step-3Starting with the outermost point of the spiral, start wrapping the felt around itself, making sure the bottom stays flat. When you’ve wrapped the entire flower, hot glue that middle circle piece to the bottom of the flower to keep the flower together.

Repeat step 2 using the rest of your felt pieces, making different sizes for each.


Step 3: Hot glue the heck out of your flowers


Choose a location for your flowers and glue the bottoms of them to the yarn wreath, in a cluster. I clustered my flowers in one location, right over where I made the knots, but you can choose whatever design or pattern you’d like.

It’s that easy!

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