Frozen Grapes

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Now that it’s summer, I’m constantly trying to find ways to cool off. So, rather than run the air conditioner, I reach into the freezer and grab some frozen grapes when I’m on the verge of melting. They’re not only refreshing, but … Continued

10 Best Travel Hacks

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Vacation should be a fun adventure, but there’s no doubt traveling can be stressful. From booking a flight to finding the best places to eat, there is a lot that goes into planning a trip. Since I’m going on vacation … Continued

DIY Painted Back Bookcase

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When you’re renting your home like me, it can be difficult to decorate exactly the way you want. Sometimes you’re allowed to paint the walls, but only if you paint them back to their original color when you leave, which … Continued

Hack #28: Eye Makeup Remover

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I don’t know about you, but I prefer waterproof mascara over regular; it lasts longer and can withstand my bad habit of rubbing and touching my eyes. Only problem is, I hate taking it off. Regular face washes caution you … Continued