THADS (Turkey Ham Apple Dill Swiss) Sandwich

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My farmer’s market had apples on the cheap this weekend so I went bonkers and bought a hefty amount (it’s fall – I’m allowed). So, lately I’ve been having apples in, with, and on everything – in my morning smoothie, … Continued

Frozen Grapes

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Now that it’s summer, I’m constantly trying to find ways to cool off. So, rather than run the air conditioner, I reach into the freezer and grab some frozen grapes when I’m on the verge of melting. They’re not only refreshing, but … Continued

Chia Fresca (Natural Energy Drink)

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I recently sampled a chia seed drink for the first time, at an event, and I fell in love instantly. But, when I went to look for it in stores, I couldn’t find it anywhere! Rather than order it online … Continued

Homemade Granola Bars

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Some of my best creations come from using the ingredients I already have in my pantry. So, last night I went on a pantry cleaning spree and came up with this idea for homemade granola bars, using just 7 ingredients. … Continued

Make-Ahead Muesli

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I’ll tell you the truth: I get bored with breakfast. Toast and oatmeal get old after the 3rd consecutive week of eating it as my morning meal. And sometimes regular breakfast foods just don’t cut it – either they don’t fill me up or they … Continued

Infused Water

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It’s [un]officially summer time, folks! And what does that mean? Hydration, hydration, hydration. I’m all about finding different ways to get my water in everyday. Watermelon is a big one, along with these delicious (and pretty) infused waters. Plus, they’re so … Continued