DIY Clay Coasters

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I’ve never owned a set of coasters. Honestly, I always thought they were somewhat obsolete. One of those things you have but only use when you have company over and want to impress them. But I’ve changed my mind! These … Continued

THADS (Turkey Ham Apple Dill Swiss) Sandwich

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My farmer’s market had apples on the cheap this weekend so I went bonkers and bought a hefty amount (it’s fall – I’m allowed). So, lately I’ve been having apples in, with, and on everything – in my morning smoothie, … Continued

DIY Driftwood Lamp

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If you have a free afternoon and a few pieces of driftwood that you don’t know what to do with, then this project is for you. I have so much driftwood and this lamp was a great way to feature … Continued

DIY Driftwood Jewelry Hanger

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I managed to do a bit of traveling this summer and was able to find driftwood in so many places. I brought back driftwood from the Roaring Fork River (Colorado), the Mississippi River (Minnesota), and from a beach in the … Continued